So, guess what adventure I had yesterday?


I climbed this thing!!!!!!!

It’s legit a hundred and forty two years old!

This is what it looks like inside:

lighthouse #2

And this is the view from the top!!!! BREATHTAKING!

lighthouse view

lighthouse view #3

lighthouse view #2

So cool!!!!!!

And the climb took FOREVER, and it was hot and humid inside that thing, but then at the top, there was this cool breeze that made it all worth it, combined with that VIEW!

Pretty awesome, I’d say!


My Ridiculously Awesome Sister

First, I should probably tell you guys what inspired this post. A couple days ago, we were just about to have lunch and go to our homeschool Co-op, and for some weird reason that I can’t remember, my big sister Tessa playfully threatened to doodle all over my English textbook. I told her not to and went downstairs. And after we have lunch, I go upstairs to grab some school to bring, and what should I find all over the front of my English book but this:

English book

And this on the back:

Back English book

So . . . yeah. That’s basically Tessa. xD

This is why she’s awesome. xD ❤ ❤

We used to share a room before our oldest sister moved out and got married. Since she’s the main reason I’m now so into Miraculous, I used to sneak down to her bed after bedtime, and we’d sit there for hours discussing each other’s fandoms and stories. ^.^ It was great. She has her own room now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still close. She’s not as into Miraculous as she was, but she still kinda likes it, though now her biggest fandom is Dr. Who. xD She always rambles to me about it, which I guess is payback for me rambling to her about Miraculous and Zak Storm (which I have finished watching btw!).

She and I are going to Baltimore this weekend with some family friends, and later on we’re going to this “Discover Emmaus Weekend” thing, which is a college discovery thing. xD (how many times have I said the word “thing”?)

But anyway, I love her to death. ^-^ You should go check out her blog! The link to it is in the end of my Tag post. ;D

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Random quote of the day that I decided to add for no apparent reason:

“Once I accidentally called my friend a banana.”

xD xD xD xD xD ROFL and cracked myself up because I was so tired.



We’re Alive! And There’s More! :D

The hurricane has come and gone, but the truth is, it hardly left my home with a dent!!!!!!

The whole world was saying it was going to hit my island hard at a Level 3 or 4. Possibly 5, even. But for those who haven’t heard the amazing news yet, this massive storm fizzled down to a Level 1, and it changed course. It literally made a complete circle around us!!! It’s like God put us inside a protective little bubble as answer to all our prayers. Here’s a picture of what its new path looks like:

hurricane florence

Pretty amazing, right?! 😀

And that, my friends, is what you call a miracle from our compassionate God above. ^.^



We have a guest coming this week.

Its name is Hurricane Florence.

. . .

Last hurricane we got was Hurricane Matthew, which was a Level 1. That one left us flooded, our garage soaked and fridges shut down, and with a completely wrecked yard. We’re in the no-flood zone, and we got flooded anyway. After a couple days of being stranded, when the water went down, our yards were a mess, and it took several weeks to clean it all up.

Hurricane Florence is a Level 3 or 4. It’s going to start hitting my island on Wednesday night, late.

All residents have been ordered to evacuate: tourists and locals. Tourists have no choice. Tonight my family is packing up, and tomorrow we’re heading to the mainland. There’s a possibility we won’t be able to come back for weeks. We have no idea what the storm is going to leave behind it. But it’s been estimated that a Level 5 hurricane can completely wipe out my entire town, and the towns around it. Right now, Florence is 3.

Thankfully, we go to church in the mainland, so we have lots of friends that have offered us shelter while we’re out. This week would’ve been busy, anyway; there’s a four-day series of meetings at my church going on till Wednesday that we’re probably going to end up going to, the last couple, anyway. And then there’s a youth conference happening on Saturday further inland. Then the usual church on Sunday. We’ll be occupied. XD

Right now, we’re praying and hoping for the best. I hope things’ll turn out well, but at least we’ll have the adventure of a lifetime! xD

I’ll let you know in another post later how things turn out. Maybe even post some pics. For now, see you in a bit!

Hi Again

So… hey guys! I know I haven’t updated for a while; sorry about that. Nothing’s wrong, don’t worry! xD I had a LOT of work to do over the summer. I had four weeks in total at camps, then went to Canada, then Pennsylvania, and yeah. It was super long, but it’s over now, and I’m glad. ^.^ I may or may not had completely forgotten I had a blog until I checked my email and found something saying stuff about someone commenting on some random post I made, and was like Oh, that’s right, I have a blog. *facepalms*

Not much news, I don’t think. Except maybe that I’m stuck in writer’s block again? -_- I feel bad about that, mainly because I left off on a chapter of my book on Wattpad that I didn’t think was a cliffhanger, but, uhh . . . apparently it is. ?????? Sorry to my readers; I’m doing the best I can to finish the 11th chapter on paper!

Ooooooh, yes, I did get into a new fandom yesterday! It’s a show made by the same people who made Miraculous Ladybug; it’s called Zak Storm. I watched the first episode MONTHS ago, liked it, then forgot about it. xD I watched the second one a little bit later, liked it even more, then forgot about it. *rolls eyes* Yesterday, however, I watched the third, which has officially hooked me on it. xDD I have the theme in my head right now. It’s got an awesome tune, but the lyrics are so so sweet, I can’t stop fangirling! It’s like the ultimate friendship song. So I highly recommend to all my readers that you watch it! I’m going to watch the fourth episode later today. ^.^ I need more!!!! xDD

Oki, gtg. Bye!!!!

First Chapter (as sample, I guess)

In response to Ahava’s request to post the first chapter here, well, here it is!

so here goes:


Have you ever hung from a tree and stared at the world upside-down?

It probably looked pretty different than the real one, right?

Now imagine if it were real. Houses, trees, and sidewalks actually “hang” from the ceiling, which is really the Earth, but gravity still comes from below.

Well . . . welcome to my world.

Yep. I, along with everyone else, actually hang from the world. Below us is nothing but a vast, empty space occasionally dotted with clouds. This emptiness is called the sky.

Houses are very carefully built from the Top. (Yes, when it comes to terms, we like to keep things simple.) Sidewalks hang from enormous metal bars about fifteen feet down. No one’s allowed to climb (?) a tree because of risks that it might uproot (or downroot? So much for simple terms) and fall, taking the person with it.

And you really don’t want to fall, believe me.

Because if you fall, you are never seen again.

On that happy note, let’s begin our story. And by the way, my name’s Reina.


Tell me whatcha think! I’m about a page and a half through the next part.

New Story Idea!

Hey guys, guess what? As the title implied, I got a new book idea just last night!

So… because I told myself I should really cut this out because I already have way too many stories, right now I’m not sure whether to celebrate or slap myself in the face.

How about I’ll do both…?

Nah forget reactions. I’ll keep the idea; I just won’t start writing it.

And now I’ll tell you about it because you’re all so awesome. ;D

Basically, last night we went to Bible Study. Afterwards, we were going to drop by Walmart (which is like 9 miles from the chapel). It was only me and my brother in the back bench, (we have a high-top van) so I had plenty of room. So pretty much I sprawled across on my back and stared up at the sky as we moved.

Funny– you ever notice how the clouds stay right where they are while your car’s racing along the road? (kinda shows how small and pathetic we humans are) (XD) Anyway, it was pretty cool to see that.

We pulled into Walmart’s giant parking lot, but while my dad was trying to find a parking space, I saw a lamppost.

And since I was still in my sprawled upside-down position, (unable to see the road) to me it looked like a pole hanging from something I couldn’t see, with two small ledges on the bottom, and “below” that, a vast, empty space called the sky.

I started thinking (after of course I freaked out, then reminded myself of reality) : What if our world was actually like that?

Picture this: instead of being round, the earth is flat. But we’re not walking on it. We’re hanging from it. There is no gravity holding you to the ceiling. You can’t climb around to the top, because the sides have nothing to hold onto, and are miles high and freezing cold. So instead, sidewalks hang from the Top, with guardrails of course, and below you is a “vast, empty space,” filled with untouchable clouds. So if you slip, or lose your grip on something, you fall into the sky.

Here’s what happens if you fall: you’re free-falling for at least three days. Then, of course, you hit the atmosphere, which is still a layer of gases, but feels like a trampoline. Below you is pure darkness. Far, far above you, light is visible beyond the clouds. In the atmosphere, everything is dim and misty. No one’s there except for you, unless someone falls with you. And in the atmosphere, there’s no way for you to get back to the Top. So you wander around on the eerie trampoline until you go insane from excessive isolation, or you die from starvation.

Yeah, I know, pretty creepy, but cool, right? Crazy how much you can get simply by looking at things from a different angle.

I don’t know much about it other than that for now; I think I’m planning for it to be first person, present tense? That would probably fit best with it, or maybe past tense would do well, too . . .

OKAY I’m thinking out loud now. XD Or . . . thinking on paper? Or Internet paper? XDXD I should probably shut up now.

Cya later, peeps! ;D ^.^

-Trinbin ❤






More Snippets

Hey, guys! Here’s some more summaries for ya. ;D

(remember I mentioned my “unhealthy obsession of superheroes?)

Next one’s called . . . Well, actually the name hasn’t been confirmed, but it’ll probably be called “Super Sixsome.” I’m not going to say where I got the idea, since it’s pretty dumb, but I hope the actual book is good. xD Basically, there’s a club of six freshmen. They meet there every day after school to have a meeting, and then all go out through the city on Saturdays just to have some random fun with each other. There’s three boys, three girls. The guys are Freddie, Jay, and Feo, and the girls are Catherine, Violet, and Sorrel.

And yes, of course there’s some romance. I’m too much a romantic fangirl to create a story with no lovey-dovey fluff. xD

There’s three love stories going on in here. Freddie’s got a crush on Sorrel, and (SPOILER ALERT) those two start dating pretty fast, actually. Violet’s got a crush on Jay, and, to any readers who are Miraculous fans, that one’s like Mari and Adrien. He’s the nice guy, she’s the quiet, too-shy-to-talk-to-crush girl, except she’s not really clumsy, and smooth with her words. And then Feo’s the one crushing over Catherine. Their relationship is kinda like Lady and Chat’s: he’s the forward, flirty kind and doesn’t try to hide his crush on her. She finds him annoying, even though she still considers him a close friend. They become superheroes pretty fast, but unlike Miraculous, they know each other’s identities. Actually, they can only transform together. Separately, they can’t. A bit of a lesson on teamwork there. So there’s no complicated love story, just one-way.

The villain is a half-alien-half-robot. Creepy, right? xD He’s the leader of a huge army who keeps attacking their city because they want to claim the earth because of its oxygen, and Earth is . . . ya know . . . the only planet with air to breathe? xD The leader villain is named Akecheta, which is kind of an interesting name I found to match with his interesting character. He can transform into any type of animal, including creatures that don’t exist on Earth . . . *evil laugh*

Lotsa stuff happens. I toss you guys right into the surf in Chapter 1, so . . . Man, it seems I do that a LOT. XDDD

Next story: the unnamed shapeshifter one I mentioned in my “get to know me” tag. Basically, there’s two orphan brothers, the older named Arlys and the younger named Ramir. They get lost on a hiking trip, (for the millionth time) and end up staying out on their own. Throughout Chapter 1, they keep saying things that hint about them having a secret, but don’t name it. You’ll find it out in the same chapter, aaaannnnddd actually, considering the “name” of this, (well, what I referenced it with, anyways) gives it away.

Basically, still in first chap, they try staying in a cave, but they come across a mysterious girl inside, with oddly glowing eyes. The short story… she kicks them out, and the first chapter ends with the writing prompt I made myself that helped make this story: “This isn’t real. I don’t exist. Now leave before he finds us.”

*laughs evilly* Did I mention that I have a terrible habit of leaving people on cliffhangers? xD

That’ll be all for this post. xD

Soooooo, as you already noticed, (probably?) I’M BACK! Kinda, sorta… I’m not finished school, but I have more time on my hands, since I only have two subjects left and I’m almost finished them! YAY!!! Things are going much more smoothly around life, too; it’s still kind of a shock that I don’t have my paternal grandparents anymore, but hey, I’ll see them again one day! That’s one of the best parts of being a Christian. When a loved one dies,  it’s hard to lose them, but we’re not actually saying goodbye. We’re just saying, “See you later.” ^.^

Anyway… how’s life with all my awesome readers? xD

-Trin ^.^




Inactivity :(

Hey, guys! It’s been a while, it seems. D: Things have just been really really busy at home; my grandma just died, we’re trying to move things, get caught up on stuff . . . There is some good news, though: I’m almost done school! 😀

The bad news, however, is that I got my kindle taken away, but I’ll get it back when I finish school. The reason that I haven’t been active on Wattpad is that I have the app on my kindle, but my pc won’t connect for some reason. XP So I won’t be able to update anything on there for a while. *sigh* As far as I know, Ahava and Isabella are the only ones reading my posts here, so there’s the explanation. I still get emails, though, so I can see when I get a notification on Wattpad, but I can’t reply. It’s really frustrating. -_-

I hope to be back on soon, though! ^.^

And to any of my fellow Wattpaders (idk) who sees this, could you do me a HUGE  favor and just repost this explanation on my wall at Wattpad? I posted it on my wall for my Wiki userpage, but forgot about Wattpad. *facepalm* Thanks!

See ya later! ^.^

My Dog

Hey, peeps! In this post I’ll introduce you to my dog, Tazman, aka Taz. 😉

IMG_20180402_130229Isn’t he a cutie? xD

So you know how most dogs like to play fetch and stuff? Not this one. If I throw a stick, he’ll stare after it, then turn and give me a blank look that pretty much says, “Why did you just do that?” xD

He’s a Chinese chow chow. Aka fluffiest creature on earth. ;D Most chows are supposed to be vicious guard dogs. Not this one. xD I mean, yeah, he’ll go nuts if someone knocks at the door, and he’ll randomly jump up and start barking during the evenings sometimes, but in truth he’s really gentle and just plain adorable. 😍

He’s really quiet for a dog, actually. He mainly just whines and growls and stuff. He’ll only bark if there’s a cat or a stranger in the house.

Then this morning, he surprised me. I took him outside around seven in the morning, and let him go off somewhere in the back woods while I just walked in circles on the pool deck complaining to myself about the ending of “The Death Cure.” (James Dashner but shhhh to those who haven’t read it . . .)

Anyway, Taz was taking a really long time in the back, but he does that sometimes, and I was too distracted with being an idiot. *facepalm*  He finally came trotting back to me, but it looked like there was a leaf or something hanging from his mouth. Then, surprise surprise, he came right up to me and dropped a weird, bonelike thing at my feet.


Me: Gee, thanks, Taz, I’ve always wanted a weird bone thing.

Actually, it sparked my interest. First of all, this fluffball has never done that in his life, and he’s ten, almost eleven. Second, the thing was the weirdest looking thing I’ve seen in a long time. For some reason the camera has vanished mysteriously off my kindle, so I can’t post a pic, so sorry. *shrinks*

I stuck it in a bucket for later study and took him inside. I don’t have an actual microscope, but I have a pair of super strong binoculars that, I’ve discovered, if you hold the wrong way at just the right distance, can be used as one! 😀 Pretty cool, eh? xD So I took that out at lunch and studied the surface. There’s some weird stuff on it, and now, since I took a huge break while writing this, (several weeks) it’s now weeks later and I still don’t know what it is. But oh well, I’ll find out eventually. ;D

(btw Isabella, I saw on one of your previous tags that you have a dog, too?? Named Lola, I think? Could you post a pic of him/her? ^.^)