So, guess what adventure I had yesterday?


I climbed this thing!!!!!!!

It’s legit a hundred and forty two years old!

This is what it looks like inside:

lighthouse #2

And this is the view from the top!!!! BREATHTAKING!

lighthouse view

lighthouse view #3

lighthouse view #2

So cool!!!!!!

And the climb took FOREVER, and it was hot and humid inside that thing, but then at the top, there was this cool breeze that made it all worth it, combined with that VIEW!

Pretty awesome, I’d say!



My Ridiculously Awesome Sister

First, I should probably tell you guys what inspired this post. A couple days ago, we were just about to have lunch and go to our homeschool Co-op, and for some weird reason that I can’t remember, my big sister Tessa playfully threatened to doodle all over my English textbook. I told her not to and went downstairs. And after we have lunch, I go upstairs to grab some school to bring, and what should I find all over the front of my English book but this:

English book

And this on the back:

Back English book

So . . . yeah. That’s basically Tessa. xD

This is why she’s awesome. xD ❤ ❤

We used to share a room before our oldest sister moved out and got married. Since she’s the main reason I’m now so into Miraculous, I used to sneak down to her bed after bedtime, and we’d sit there for hours discussing each other’s fandoms and stories. ^.^ It was great. She has her own room now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still close. She’s not as into Miraculous as she was, but she still kinda likes it, though now her biggest fandom is Dr. Who. xD She always rambles to me about it, which I guess is payback for me rambling to her about Miraculous and Zak Storm (which I have finished watching btw!).

She and I are going to Baltimore this weekend with some family friends, and later on we’re going to this “Discover Emmaus Weekend” thing, which is a college discovery thing. xD (how many times have I said the word “thing”?)

But anyway, I love her to death. ^-^ You should go check out her blog! The link to it is in the end of my Tag post. ;D

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Random quote of the day that I decided to add for no apparent reason:

“Once I accidentally called my friend a banana.”

xD xD xD xD xD ROFL and cracked myself up because I was so tired.



We’re Alive! And There’s More! :D

The hurricane has come and gone, but the truth is, it hardly left my home with a dent!!!!!!

The whole world was saying it was going to hit my island hard at a Level 3 or 4. Possibly 5, even. But for those who haven’t heard the amazing news yet, this massive storm fizzled down to a Level 1, and it changed course. It literally made a complete circle around us!!! It’s like God put us inside a protective little bubble as answer to all our prayers. Here’s a picture of what its new path looks like:

hurricane florence

Pretty amazing, right?! 😀

And that, my friends, is what you call a miracle from our compassionate God above. ^.^



We have a guest coming this week.

Its name is Hurricane Florence.

. . .

Last hurricane we got was Hurricane Matthew, which was a Level 1. That one left us flooded, our garage soaked and fridges shut down, and with a completely wrecked yard. We’re in the no-flood zone, and we got flooded anyway. After a couple days of being stranded, when the water went down, our yards were a mess, and it took several weeks to clean it all up.

Hurricane Florence is a Level 3 or 4. It’s going to start hitting my island on Wednesday night, late.

All residents have been ordered to evacuate: tourists and locals. Tourists have no choice. Tonight my family is packing up, and tomorrow we’re heading to the mainland. There’s a possibility we won’t be able to come back for weeks. We have no idea what the storm is going to leave behind it. But it’s been estimated that a Level 5 hurricane can completely wipe out my entire town, and the towns around it. Right now, Florence is 3.

Thankfully, we go to church in the mainland, so we have lots of friends that have offered us shelter while we’re out. This week would’ve been busy, anyway; there’s a four-day series of meetings at my church going on till Wednesday that we’re probably going to end up going to, the last couple, anyway. And then there’s a youth conference happening on Saturday further inland. Then the usual church on Sunday. We’ll be occupied. XD

Right now, we’re praying and hoping for the best. I hope things’ll turn out well, but at least we’ll have the adventure of a lifetime! xD

I’ll let you know in another post later how things turn out. Maybe even post some pics. For now, see you in a bit!

Life is Not Good :(

As the title implied . . . things aren’t exactly going too well at home.

I’ve been coming to a lot of realizations lately, and most of them negative. The biggest, and saddest? This: that all my happiest memories have taken place when I’m away from home.

Almost quoting my diary here, it isn’t supposed to be like this. Home is supposed to be my happy place. And yes, I have happy memories at home. But not the best ones.

Let’s just say it: my family is pretty strict. There’s a huge set of rules that must be followed. And for the mostpart, they’re reasonable. Yes, I understand that my parents do seemingly strange things when they want to protect me. I don’t have a problem with obeying them; God says I have to, anyway: “Children, obey your parents in the LORD, for this is right.” I’m not even close to even trying to argue with God. He knows what’s best. But it’s been made pretty clear to me lately, no matter how much my dad denies it: not only the rational things to do, like obeying, but I literally have to be whatever they tell me to be.

Basically . . . I’m not allowed to be my own person.

My dad thinks very differently than I do. Of him and my mom, he has the in-charge type of personality. Don’t get me wrong in this post; I love my dad to death, but he just doesn’t understand me.

But anyway, what I meant, he tells me I’m being selfish if I don’t like to be humiliated. More in general, he thinks I’m weird for liking something he doesn’t like, or disliking something he does like. At home, I’m not even allowed to hang out in my room during my freetime. Further, I’m not allowed to decorate my walls with things I like. And whenever I get in trouble for one reason or another, he doesn’t allow me to explain.

. . .

Another realization, related . . .  I now know why I’m such a fangirl.

Because all those worlds of fiction and fantasy comfort me from most of reality. It kinda makes me feel a little wistful. Makes me wish my life was a little more fair. Makes me wish I could have adventures like all the characters do. Maybe this is also why I have a passion for writing.


Guess I should wrap it up about now. Well, I’ll see you next time. *grins half-heartedly* Anansi’s coming out next Monday, so at least I have one reason to be excited.



Hi Again

So… hey guys! I know I haven’t updated for a while; sorry about that. Nothing’s wrong, don’t worry! xD I had a LOT of work to do over the summer. I had four weeks in total at camps, then went to Canada, then Pennsylvania, and yeah. It was super long, but it’s over now, and I’m glad. ^.^ I may or may not had completely forgotten I had a blog until I checked my email and found something saying stuff about someone commenting on some random post I made, and was like Oh, that’s right, I have a blog. *facepalms*

Not much news, I don’t think. Except maybe that I’m stuck in writer’s block again? -_- I feel bad about that, mainly because I left off on a chapter of my book on Wattpad that I didn’t think was a cliffhanger, but, uhh . . . apparently it is. ?????? Sorry to my readers; I’m doing the best I can to finish the 11th chapter on paper!

Ooooooh, yes, I did get into a new fandom yesterday! It’s a show made by the same people who made Miraculous Ladybug; it’s called Zak Storm. I watched the first episode MONTHS ago, liked it, then forgot about it. xD I watched the second one a little bit later, liked it even more, then forgot about it. *rolls eyes* Yesterday, however, I watched the third, which has officially hooked me on it. xDD I have the theme in my head right now. It’s got an awesome tune, but the lyrics are so so sweet, I can’t stop fangirling! It’s like the ultimate friendship song. So I highly recommend to all my readers that you watch it! I’m going to watch the fourth episode later today. ^.^ I need more!!!! xDD

Oki, gtg. Bye!!!!

First Chapter (as sample, I guess)

In response to Ahava’s request to post the first chapter here, well, here it is!

so here goes:


Have you ever hung from a tree and stared at the world upside-down?

It probably looked pretty different than the real one, right?

Now imagine if it were real. Houses, trees, and sidewalks actually “hang” from the ceiling, which is really the Earth, but gravity still comes from below.

Well . . . welcome to my world.

Yep. I, along with everyone else, actually hang from the world. Below us is nothing but a vast, empty space occasionally dotted with clouds. This emptiness is called the sky.

Houses are very carefully built from the Top. (Yes, when it comes to terms, we like to keep things simple.) Sidewalks hang from enormous metal bars about fifteen feet down. No one’s allowed to climb (?) a tree because of risks that it might uproot (or downroot? So much for simple terms) and fall, taking the person with it.

And you really don’t want to fall, believe me.

Because if you fall, you are never seen again.

On that happy note, let’s begin our story. And by the way, my name’s Reina.


Tell me whatcha think! I’m about a page and a half through the next part.